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Achieve a natural-looking hair transplant with the personalized approach of famous hair transplant surgeon Dr. Alex Santo, member of ISHRS. Before the Decision: As an experienced plastic surgeon in hair transplants, I would like to offer you the following advice before you arrive at a conclusion. 1)The doctor that will perform the hair transplant must have many years of experience on the subject and must be a specialist in plastic surgery or dermatology. 2) It would be prefereable that the plastic surgeon or dermatologist was a member of the international organisation of hair transplants ISHRS in order to ensure that they are up to date on the latest methods of hair transplants and participate in live surgery workshops. 3) A doctor ought to be present during the operation for any emergency and, above all, for the greater safety of the interested person's health. 4.) Before the operation, the interested person ought to have a general check up for diabetes, a liver check up, an INR and an electrocardiogram. 5) The interested person ought to carry out a market search for the hair transplant of the best quality so that they will trust the clinic that they hves selected. 6) The interested person ought to allow his hair transplant to be performed in an area that is equipped in every aspect, as regards their operation. 7) The interested person ought to not be credulous of promises of excessive amounts of hair as the strip that the plastic surgeon receives can not correspond to these amounts of hair. My objective as a scientist is to fully and consciousently carry out my responsibilities under the hippocratic oath I swore to the furtherance of medical science and patient welfare. My objective as a person is, above all, to live with respect to my fellow man, be they my patient or my competitor. With faith absolute in the medical deontology and respect in concrete medical action, I have dealt with hair transplantation for many years. My continuous and active attendance in international congresses of hair transplantations in combination with my experience (up to 5,000 instances) constitutes an active and decisive role in the excellent results achieved for my customers. The recognition of my work from the aesthetic side can be ascertained by the large number of Greek and foreign patients I have treated. My objective as a plastic surgeon is excellent results for my patients. Dr. Alex Santo