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Adres: Seaston House, Hastings, Bridgetown, Barbados, bb15154

Telefon: 00 1 246-435-7467

Belarus - Barbados


Welcome to the Barbados Fertility Centre Now Accredited by Joint Commission International We were granted with this accreditation in recognition of our commitment to provide quality care on an ongoing basis. >Joint Commission International is the US health facility accreditation programme and they set health care industry standards to give patients assurance in the medical establishments that they choose for treatment. They conduct stringent tests to ensure that healthcare offered across the world is transparent and that patients can make an informed choice within a level playing field. The Joint Commission International Accreditation Ambulatory Care Standards are intended to stimulate continuous, systematic and organization-wide improvement in daily performance and in the outcomes of patient care. Barbados Fertility Centre were tested for their patient’s pain assessment & management, the risk assessment prior to treatments and medical procedures, the storage and handling of hazardous materials, the regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, the clear identification of job descriptions and of medical staff credentials. Brenda White, Associate Director International Accreditation, Joint Commission International said “Congratulations to the staff of Barbados Fertility Centre in achieving this recognition of your commitment to provide quality care on an ongoing basis”. The citizens of Barbados should be proud that Barbados Fertility Center is focusing on this most challenging goal - to continuously raise quality to higher levels. About Us The aim of our experienced medical team at Barbados Fertility Centre is to provide couples who choose to attend our Clinic with a world-class service while seeking to minimise the stress associated with IVF and maximising the potential for a successful outcome. The team at Barbados Fertility Centre know that IVF is a very serious issue for couples, but this does not mean it has to be a stressful experience. A Holiday with a Purpose At Barbados Fertility Centre, we provide an unique approach to IVF by combining it with a holiday and stress reduction programme. Many studies have shown that stress has a huge negative impact on both fertility and IVF success rates. We have certainly seen here that when we reduce couples stress levels, it is extremely beneficial. Barbados Fertility Centre specialises in all aspects of infertility management. We were founded in 2002 to meet growing demands from Caribbean patients for a full time IVF unit and a growing demand from international clients for IVF services that combine the advantages of high quality medical care with a relaxing holiday. We provide couples with an opportunity to undergo their blood tests, ultrasounds and procedures, together, and away from the daily pressures of work and home life. What to expect Based in Barbados we offer a completely personalised approach ensuring every couple receives comprehensive advice and evaluation, a highly successful IVF program and a dedicated medical team to assist in achieving their dream of a baby. This allows our couples to rest and recuperate in one of the world’s most beautiful Caribbean Island locations. Our in-house Patient Liaison Manager is specialised to coordinate your flight and travel arrangements, transport, accommodation and leisure activities to ensure you are free to relax and start that stress reduction. Barbados Fertility Centre provides a team approach to your care. Throughout your treatment with us, a highly specialised team of Doctors, Nurses and Embryologists will manage your case individually to provide the best possible outcome.