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Burman ve Family Physiotherapy Practice

Adres: 96, Lower Chitpor Road, Barrabazar, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700007

Telefon: 00 91 83 35 842365

Hindistan - Kolkata


Burman and family physiotherapy practice is providing physiotherapy service to the local community for a radius of 10 miles surrounding.It provides physiotherapy home visits that is visit in patients home and as well as in clinic. Physiotherapist has more that 14 years of clinical experience in private practice. The service is taliored made,holistic and researched based. Comprehensive Physiotherapy rehabilitation available for all medical conditions. Musculoskeletal injuries Trauma and Orthopaedics fracture Balance reeducations Falls preventions Respiratory care Sports injuries Physiotherapist are HPC and CSP registered providing care in patients home and as well as in out patient clinic.THe clinic is recognised by most of private health insurance companies.