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Cairo Plastic Klinik

Adres: 42 Dokki Street, 13 th floor, Dokki, Cairo, 12311

Telefon: 00 20 121 115 7225

Mısır - Kahire


Cairo Plastic Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility offering the best service of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in the Middle East. It is owned and operated by Professor Doctor Adel Michel Wilson Professor of Plastic Surgery, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt; who has operated on thousands of patients from all over the world. He is a UK trained, internationally renowned expert in Plastic Surgery and has been repeatedly recognized as a pioneer in that field. As a Member of the Court of Examiners of the  , he helps maintain the standards of the profession and assures progress and quality in surgery. Dr. Wilson is an eminent member of the International Plastic Surgery Community, and has been invited to present lectures and write articles in the six continents of the world. He also described new surgeries for treatment of scars, wrinkles, keloids, and many other problematic issues in plastic surgery.