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Center for Advanced Dentistry

Adres: 20 Tsvetna Gradina Street, Lozenetz, Sofia, 1421

Telefon: 00 359 2/492 5161 ext: 33629

Bulgaristan - Sofya


Enjoy a week long vacation and come back with a new smile! The Center for Advanced Dentistry is a leading European dental center with focus on quality vs quantity. We are a group of selected dentists and specialists offering standard, as well as innovative, minimally invasive and more biocompatible solutions for various dental problems. The treatment is performed with understanding of the travelling patient's need for predictable, efficient and aesthetic results. The scope of services cover all general and specialty dentistry. As a premier European dental practice, our goal is to provide superior service in a patient-centered environment. Dentists and specialists visit the patient at the same location; the lab provides computer-designed restorations and custom-shading for all patients, and the working time is adjusted to patient's needs. Dental tourism is growing not only due to the cost factor, but also to save time, avoid waiting lists and receive more personalized, "VIP" care. The equipment, materials and technology used in this office are the latest generation and best brands on the market. The quality of service is guaranteed by careful selection of dentists and specialists. Our offices include the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria - Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, Sunny Beach. Variety of general and cosmetic dentistry is available in this practice, including: metal-porcelain, gold-porcelain, all-porcelain and zirconia crowns; standard porcelain veneers, daVinci veneers, Lumineers (no-prep veneers); "smile lift" procedure; standard as well as metal-free zirconium dental implants, minimally invasive implant dentistry, case-specific implants; six different systems of clear removable braces (orthodontic aligners) including Invisalign, customized invisible iBraces. USA and UK - based consultations and support is available for the dental work performed in Bulgaria. That does make a difference! The quality of service in this practice is higher than the most managed care dental offices in Western Europe and USA. Our team has collaborated for years with leading American and European cosmetic dentists. The latest technology, knowledge and diligence is applied to transform an average into gorgeous smile. We are proud to be most versatile in services and use a multi-specialty treatment approach. This allows us to plan and execute cosmetic dentistry in the best possible way. THE DIAGNOSTIC PROCESS: A thorough examination will be performed to check your teeth, gums, other soft tissue and TMJ (jaw joint). Images from digital x-ray, tomographic slices and intraoral camera photos will be used to evaluate the structure of your teeth and underlying bone. Then we will suggest and discuss possible treatment plans. FEAR & PAIN MANAGEMENT. Dental phobia is a problem that is common among patients with bad dental experience. This is well understood and addressed in our practice. There is no language barreer as all dentists speak English fluently. A few simple, yet effective methods are applied for fear elimination. Relaxation techniques; communication; application of the "tell-show-do" principle for reduction of anxiety from the unknown; giving the patient control over the treatment; "Dental Vibe" vibrational frequency device for painless anesthesia; pill sedation with Valium; IV (sleep) sedation, administered by a specialist-anesthesiologist.