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Merkezi Hastanesiier de Pithiviers

Adres: boulevard Beauvallet FR- 45308 Pithiviers

Telefon: 33 0 02 38 32 31 31

Fransa - Fransa


The Centre Hospitalier de Pithiviers is:43 Medical beds, 1 hospital bed Endoscopy, 4 beds Short Stay Geriatric, 4 beds Hospitalization Unit Short Term, 15 beds of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 30 Middle beds Living room, 48 beds and 136 long stay Accommodation bedsand every year more than 15 000 passes the ER, 20,000 consultations, 4,500 stays almost 600 births ...Medical staff, nurses, administrative, logistical and technical skills together to ensure the best conditions for care and accommodation.