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Centro Dermatologico Giovanni Bojanini Cancun

Adres: Sayil 1 N, Manzana 5, Lote 2, SM 6 - Plaza Solare Local 202, Cancun, QR, 77500

Telefon: 00 52 55 4170 6553 ext: 79194

Meksika - Cancun


Centro Dermatologico Giovanni Bojanini is the world premiere NON-SURGICAL hair restoration clinic. Our exclusively formulated and case-by-case customized formulas combined with our physicians' experience and expertise have made our clinics a primary destination for everyone who wants to recover his or her hair without painful and invasive procedures. There is no recovery time involved in our treatment.Our HistoryCentro Dermatologico Giovanni Bojanini takes its name after its founder and current medical director. Dr. Bojanini is a Colombian dermatologist who, like many men and women, was victim of hair loss early in his life. With his knowledge in the field of dermatology, he took several different compounds which he knew caused hair growth as a side-effect and started combining and experimenting with them until he came up with his renowned hair-restoration formulas, lotions and shampoos which have changed the face of hair restoration treatments worldwide.What originally started with one clinic in Bogota, Colombia, has now expanded to Ecuador, Panama and most recently Mexico where Centro Dermatologico Giovanni Bojanini has presence in 10 cities and a patient base of over 28,000 in less than four years of operation. This huge growth is attributed to the enormous success rate achieved by Dr. Bojanini's unique formulations, lotions and shampoos prescribed by specialized and trained physicians which guarantees each of our patients will be diagnosed accurately and prescribed a personalized treatment for his/her particular hair loss pattern.You no longer have to settle for a painful and costly hair transplant treatment! With only one visit to our office in Cancun you can not only enjoy the beautiful Mexican caribbean, but also go back home with a full, 8-month treatment plan which includes your initial consultation, any in-office procedures needed, as well as all lotions, shampoos, and formulas required for your 8-month course and is complemented with follow-up virtual consultations via Skype or Facetime from your attending physician and unlimited phone and email access to him/her.