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Clinique El Menzah

Adres: 1Rue Apollo XI Cité Mahrajene, Tunis, 1082

Telefon: 00 216 98 306 896

Türkiye - Tunus


The proximity of Tunisia to Europe and its reputation for high quality and low cost healthcare made it a very popular destination for many European patients and the number is increasing every year. Polyclinique Elmenzah is a well established private hospital, founded 26 years ago. Like any other health Institution in Tunisia, its healthcare policies are implemented and strictly monitored by the ministry of health, which gave Tunisia an international recognition of high quality healthcare. At Our Clinique we have a selection of the finest and most skilled surgeons in different specialities, and we employ bilingual staff : English and French. To avoid all misunderstanding and disappointment, we offer all inclusive packages : Investigations, surgery, accommodation .You only pay for your flight. At our clinic you will receive a European healthcare at the fraction of the cost that you would pay in Europe.