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Copenhangen Fertility Center

Adres: Lygten 2C, Copenhagen, 2400

Telefon: 00 45 89 88 39 22 ext: 22957

Danimarka - Kibenhavn


Approximately one third of all couples who receive treatment at The Copenhagen Fertility Center come from abroad – primarily from Norway and Sweden.Therefore, we have chosen to produce a small guide that gives a step-by-step overview of the course of treatment for foreign patients.What is essential about this form of treatment is the fact that you only need to come to Denmark once during your treatment. Copenhagen Fertility Center is established by some of the most IVF experienced doctors and specialists in Denmark. Since the 1980s, where IVF treatments began in Denmark, these doctors and specialists have been part of the research and treatments since 1984. Being part of a network with the aim of helping to provide planned children, is a task one only could wish for. Fortunately, when we look back, this task has shown good results. Even though statistics cannot prove much it is always nice to know to what extent the hope of getting a baby is realistic. Around every fifth year, a couple can bring home a baby after their first treatment. This concerns both egg transplantation and insemination. If not successful at first try there is always the possibility of trying again. Accordingly, almost two thirds of the couples can bring home a baby. Experience has proven that the fact of waiting for treatment is considered a burden and this is why you will not find waiting lists at the Copenhagen Fertility Center. On the contrary, you can expect treatments to begin as soon as potential examinations and tests have been carried out. Despite the wish for a child, a lot of couples do not ask or look for help. We know that examinations and treatments are not without costs, however, results are good. Most couples, unvoluntary without children, can be treated with success. When getting as far as to have decided to receive treatment in order to have a child you have the possibility of contacting us. Together we will set up an appointment where we will talk about your problem and discus