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Damian Medikal Center

Adres: 46 Walbrzyska St, Warsaw

Telefon: 00 48 22 566 22 22

Polonya - Varşova


The Damian Medical Center provides 24-hour duty readiness within the following specialties: general medicine, orthopaedics, surgery, gynaecology, otolaryngology (in cooperation with the Kraj-Med). Introduction of the ophthalmologic duty is being prepared The Damian Hospital offers a wide range of medical services that can be carried out “by the way” during a stay in Poland. These services may “accompany” sightseeing, SPA recreation or a private visit. Health check-up, Plastic surgery, Cosmetic medicine procedures, Orthopaedic operations (endoprosthesoplasty), Ophthalmologic operations (cataract removal), in cooperation with the Laser-Med (link), Otolaryngology surgery (endoscopic procedures), Dental operations (dental implants).