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DentaCenter [Huseyingazi]

Adres: Türbeyolu Yonca Alışveriş Merkez, Hüseyingazi, Ankara

Telefon: (0312) 376 1195

Türkiye - Ankara


This dental practice runs three clinics in Ankara, Turkey. The clinics are located at Umitkoy, Kecioren and Cebeci. Overseas patients are welcomed and offered high quality dentistry at affordable prices. The highly qualified team has many years of experience in improving the dental and oral health of patients and the appearance of their smiles. Services include examinations and professional dental cleaning, children’s dentistry, general dental care including gum disease treatments, oral and maxillofacial surgery, the cosmetic improvement of the smile of patients, anti- bruxism treatments and surgically placing dental implants for patients with missing teeth.