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Adres: 12, Agiou Georgiou St,Chalandri, Athens, Greece, 15234

Telefon: 00 30 21 1198 2977 ext: 69334

Yunanistan - Atina


Our Clinic is located in Chalandri suburb of Athens,Greece and is easily approached from the center of Athens by the Metro or public transportation. Since 2000 the dental Practice ''Dental-Aesthetics'' has been providing services focusing on Aesthetics and Restorative Dentistry. Our aim is to provide our patients with a superb final aesthetic outcome, profoundly based on a custom made treatment plan. In order to achieve this objective, minimal invasive procedures are planned and performed safely according to update scientific documentation. Treatment plan is scheduled thoroughly after all necessary diagnostic methods are performed and medical and dental records are taken. Hygiene High-standard hygiene measures are taken in order to avoid cross-contamination among patients and/or the staff. Most of the dental instruments and material are disposed after use (rotary/hand instruments, carbides, drills, etc). The surfaces of the dental equipment are cleaned with antiseptics effective to bacteria, fungi, HIV virus, Hepatitis viruses. Dental instruments are primarily cleaned in ultrasonic device, so that superficial debridement is carried out, and then are packaged and positioned in to the sterilizer. Principles and objectives Aesthetics incorporate biology and minimal invasive techniques. All procedures are carried out under local anesthesia, and absolutely no pain is involved during treatment. The final aesthetic outcome is scheduled pre-operatively extra-orally on wax-up and casts fabricated according to aesthetic analysis and the patient can see the final shape and position of their restorations, or wear them in the mouth using custom made 'stents' (acrylic guards) before any procedure is performed. All treatments are evidence-based and updated scientific protocols are followed. All aspects of dental specialties are evaluated in order to maximize the final outcome and to minimize the potential hazards. Special care is attributed in order to clarify the expectations of the individuals and to meet them in the best possible way. Appointments The practice is open to the public every day from Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 9.00 pm according to an appointments list. Emergencies are treated same day off-schedule. Dental Tourism Individuals, who plan their visit in Athens and wish to be informed of the possible treatment plans, and financial evaluation, can call the office for an appointment or send data (photos, X-rays) electronically via e-mail and within 2 days they are supplied with the information. This service is free of charge. Payment Financial evaluation of the treatment is provided in the very first appointment. Possible alteration to the treatment plan is designed according to updated clinical and radio-graphical data. Consensus to the updated treatment plan is given to the patient accompanied with detailed costs. Credit cards are accepted.