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Diş Art Stomatological studio

Adres: 3 Kraishte str, Ivan Vazov, Sofia, 1408

Telefon: 3 Kraishte str, Ivan Vazov, Sofia, 1408

Bulgaristan - Sofya


Nobody looks forward to seeing the dentist, but it's essential to your total health. Dental care is literally changing peoples' lives, improving their overall health, appearance and well being. The Dental-art clinic provides a comprehensive dental assistance, from diagnostics through preventive treatment, conservative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, all the way to dental prosthetics and implantology. Our specialists provide consultancy and comprehensive information about the treatment. This shall make it easier for you to make a conscious decision in every individual case. In the process of treatment we employ the most up-to-date techniques and methods of modern dentistry. We ensure totally pain-free treatment using the modern equipment and highest quality materials. We guarantee a professional medical care for adults and children. Our medical personnel regularly participate in trainings and courses which develop their professional qualifications. Dr. Anis Lakman Dentalart Studio was established in 1998 by Dr Anis Lakman, DDS. He is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Association. 1994 Graduated the Faculty of Dentistry in the Medical Academy - Sofia, Bulgaria. 1994-1996 He starts practicing dentistry in 21st Dental Polyclinic - emergency cabinet. 1996 - 1998 Dental clinic "Dental Labor - 5", Sofia. At present his practice includes endodontics and cariology, dental surgery, prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry, oral implantology (intra-osseous as well as subperiostial). Dental Services We offer a complex dental treatment: therapeutical, surgical, orthopaedical, Physiotherapeutical treatment and children's dentistry. - initial dental examination and consultation - treatment plan (diagnostic models, financial plan) A. Therapeutical therapy - root canal therapy - resin fillings with photopolymers and chemopolymers of leading world companies - pin (metallic core cemented in the root of a tooth) restoration of heavy destroyed teeth - preventive dental sealant per tooth - treatment of diseases of mucous membrane of mouth cavity (inflammations and others) - gingivitis (gingival inflammation), parodonthosis ( mobility of teeth) and stomatitis - professional hygiene - cleaning of teeth tartar and plate with ultrasound - teeth whitening B. Surgical treatment - extraction of teeth - implants C. Orthopaedical treatment - porcelain-fused-to-metal crown - provisional dentures - complete dentures - partial denture ( different types) D. Physiotherapeutical treatment - laser treatment - medicamental electrophoresis - medicamental ionphoresis - electroodonthodiagnosis