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If You’re Unhappy With Your Smile, If You Think Your Teeth Look a Mess - Call or E-mail Dental Treatment Croatia Today For Your Free Smile Consultation. Your New Smile Is Waiting! Have you got an issue with your smile? Not happy with your appearance? Think of all the things that can affect the health of your teeth and gums! Eating and drinking habits (too much sugar, tea, coffee, red wine?) Poor dental hygiene. Smoking can cause discoloration and lead to gum disease. Genetics are also a factor governing the appearance and durability of your teeth. All of these things do not only threaten your dental health but also make you self- conscious about your smile. DTC provides superior service in all areas of dentistry. Using our professional artistic skills and premium technology, we will help you in making your smile – beautiful and youthful that will make your confidence truly shine. Our experience and expertise, together with the premium materials we use in our treatments give us the confidence to guarantee that our implants will last a lifetime. Why are so many people are looking for a dentist in Croatia? And what makes us the perfect choice? At the time of general economic decline, people have been experiencing various economic problems that prompted people to look for ways on how to save money constantly. This economic decline has compromised health care to most people who can’t seem to afford much needed medical services. Luckily, there are available medical services that are cheap and affordable without compromising the quality of service. One of the most popular and affordable medical services available to just about anyone is the dental services in Croatia which can offer patients with top of the line dental treatment such as dental implants, oral surgery, and various cosmetic dental procedures that are both cheap and affordable. In fact, aesthetic services in Croatia are cheaper than those in Western Europe. For instance, you can even get a new tooth at half priced when compared to the regular price of dental implants made in Western Europe. There are plenty of reasons to consider visiting a dentist in Croatia Dental services are about 70% cheaper in Croatia then in western Europe. Croatian dentists are highly skilled professionals educated by the highest standards which meet and exceed the EU standards. We, in DTC, are using advanced technology, hi-tech equipment and high quality materials. We speak English and German and will gladly help you find the accommodation during your stay in Zagreb. Zagreb is not just the capital and a historical and cultural center of Croatia. In the course of the last few years Zagreb became a major tourist attraction with more than 146 000 tourists visiting every year. Croatia is about to become a 28th member state of the European Union, but even today, EU citizens don’t need an entry visa. Croatia is scheduled to become 28th EU member state on 31st of June 2013. Visit Zagreb and pamper your smile quickly, painlessly and affordably Contact us by e-mail, phone, Skype and arrange the course and type of your therapy. Choose your accommodation in the vicinity of our premises, which we can arrange for you and make the best out of your stay in Croatia by visiting the historic sights and attractive locations, and use your free time for rest and relaxation. DTC provides all segments of the service package so it is up to you just to let us know what your wishes are and we will do the rest! We present you with a detailed list of the whole process so that you can track every step along the way. We guarantee a fabulous experience! It is our aim at Dental Treatment Croatia to take all the anxiety out of your visit to the dentist and make it a positive experience that you will be ready to recommend! All our dental treatment is carried out with the utmost discretion and if you are one of those patients for whom dental treatment is a nightmare we are ready to hold your hand every step of the way!