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Dentistanbul Yıldız Hastanesi

Adres: 2Yildiz Cad. 71, Besiktas, Istanbul, 34353

Telefon: (0212) 310 5600

Türkiye - İstanbul


Established in Istanbul in 2001 as a dental health center, Dentistanbul became the first private dental hospital in Turkey in 2003.In March 2007, Dentistanbul combined its experiences and knowledge with the international experiences of Global Environment Fund, which is an American investment partnership that is interested in health and environmental issues in the entire world.Another turning point for Dentistanbul has been November of 2010. Dentistanbul is now going faster for the development of its technical installation and service quality under the roof of Rhea Venture Capital Investment Trust. Rhea who invests on healthcare technology, clean environment and logistics has bought %100 of Dentistanbul shares as of November 2010.In order to achieve the goal of creating an Oral and Dental Health service chain that included new hospitals and clinics in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey, Dentistanbul Kozyatağı Oral and Dental Polyclinic started providing its services on 17.10.2011. Dentistanbul Erenköy Oral and Dental Polyclinic opened on 31.01.2012; this chain of growth continued by Dentistanbul Bakırköy Oral and Dental Polyclinic which started accepting patients as of 27 February 2012.Dentistanbul Dental Hospital has a specialist doctor staff and experienced personnel that consider patient satisfaction as their primary purpose and has a concept of service providing in a friendly manner. It is an equipped treatment center in the field of dental services with its fully organized operating room, ambulance and inpatient sections.Dentistanbul Dental Hospital is providing services 24 hours per day, 365 day per year, with its new management, specialist staff and modern technology. The Group operates one hospital as well as three polyclinics spread around in Istanbul. QUALITY & ACCREDITATION: Recognizing the responsibility associated with being the Dental Hospital and in accordance with the international standards, to create a corporate culture based on the collective participation of all employees and to provide professional service in oral and dental health with a smiling face and respect to the patient rights by adopting “People First” understanding as the main philosophy and by following the new and modern technology in accordance with country requirements.Dentistanbul Dental Hospital has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2008 as a result of the self-assessment and improvements in line with the ISO standards.Also Dentistanbul is now the first Turkish Dental Hospital which has been awarded TEMOS Quality in International Dental Care Certificate in April 2013.