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DENTUS - A fogorvos

Adres: Kiss Janos altb. u. 52., Budapest, Budapest, H1124

Telefon: 00 36 30 222 2777

Macaristan - Budapeşte


DENTUS ("The dentist") was formed by ambitious young lecturers of the Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University, Budapest. We believe in providing only the maximum and use always the newest evidence based techniques in dentistry. Our equipment is brand new and produced by leading dental companies in Germany, Japan and the US. Dental materials that we use are also the same as those used by French or German dentist. The clinic is a small family dentistry in the centre of Buda, the hills of the capital. Working with short deadlines and reasonable prices you will have the smile you've always dreamt of. Ask for a price quote and belive that you would actually save more than what you would spend on your teeth anywhere in Western Europe.