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Diakonissen Krankenhaus Salzburg

Adres: Guggenbichlerstraße 20 AT- 5026 Salzburg

Telefon: 43 662 6385-0

Avusturya -  Salzburg


The Diakoniewerk is a modern social enterprise that develops contemporary services for people in the social and health sectors, and will draw on the experience and tradition of over 140 years of service for and with people. It is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ and want to do with his professional well-trained and dedicated employees "Charity in our time" tangible and comprehensible.Social needs, there have been at any time - Diakonia has always strived for people who are on the margins of society, who have no voice or are not heard, their needs to make appropriate offers and also to be voice for them. The assistance aim to strengthen the natural forces and develop and enable people, largely self-determined to go their own way.The core competencies of Diakoniewerk lies in working with people with disabilities, with people in old age, in health and in education. As a recognized charity Diakoniewerk is equipped with the Austrian Spendengütesiegel. The Diakoniewerk is a member of Diakonia Austria , one of the five major charities in Austria. In Diakoniewerk work currently about 3,200 employees in over 100 facilities in Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol and Vienna.