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Soft-liposculpture is a new refined technology that is totally different from the now almost obsolete liposuction that was the standard procedure until now Soft-liposculpture can permanently remove your inelegant curves and this, in about one hour, under local anaesthetic, thus quickly and painlessly giving you with the figure you've always dreamed of. Soft-liposculpture can create that thinner shape you wish for: the technology is an excellent method for removing small unwanted fat deposits located on the hips, knees, upper thighs or buttocks, those “love handles” and “saddle bags”, as well as any superfluous fat on the belly or elsewhere.These can all be permanently transformed. All those small unsightly fat bulges are removed, you can chose exactly where and how much you want to lose. In certain cases, this treatment can also be a solution to get rid of cellulite.