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Exclusive Cerrahi Inc.

Adres: Akyol Cad. No. 12/1, Daire 4, Purtelas Hasan Efendi, Cihangir, Beyoglu, Istanbul

Telefon: (403) 877-0922

Türkiye - İstanbul


Exclusive Surgery Inc. is a Canadian-Turkish based medical company offering cosmetic procedures with European and North American Board certified doctors and dentists in a comfortable environment that upholds high Western standards. Your well-being and safety will be handled with individualized attention. Exclusive Surgery carefully researched medical facilities, physicians and dentists in Istanbul, Turkey to make sure your experience is safe and healthy. Experience the highest quality cosmetic surgery and dental care in world renowned facilities in Istanbul and Antalya, Turkey with Exclusive Surgery, North America's leading medical tourism company. Medical tourism offers a cost effective alternative to expensive cosmetic and dental procedures and long wait times in North American and elsewhere. Booking your overseas treatment through Exclusive Surgery ensures you receive quality and excellence in cosmetic and dental surgery at a fixed price.