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Facial ve Kozmetik Enhancement Klinik

Adres: Facial and Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic

Telefon: 00 44 29 2168 0073 ext: 22658

Birleşik Krallık - Cardiff


FACE Clinic Advanced treatments with Specialised Practitioners with 24 yrs experience . LASER TATTOO REMOVAL - Q-Switched Nd YAG INENSED PULSE LIGHT skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments.pigmentation CRYO LYPOLYSIS FAT FREEZING treatment compared to Lyposuction. One treatment needed INTENSED PULSE LIGHT Super hair Removal , ALL COLOURS REMOVED MICRO PIGMENTATION. SEMI PERMANENT MAKE UP (eyebrows with hair like simulation, eyeliner, lipliner AGE spots on hands and face. ANTI AGING TREATMENTS , Acne, Hyper -Pigmentation, sun spots, Minor Cosmetic Surgery Skin tags -Age spots – Millia - Cyst seborrheoic warts -Thread vein -Blood spots - Spider naevu * SCLEROTHERAPY Thread veins on legs. LIPS MADE FULLER. THE "POUT" Medical tattooing CPCCOSMETIC PIGMENT CAMOURFLAGE HAIR SIMULATION MICRO DERMA PIGMENTATION FOR BALDNESS IN MEN AND WOMEN Genie body Re-contouring, re-shaping and firming by building muscle mass Restores elasticity to tone muscle 20 minutes of this treatment is equivalent to 360 sit up. Dermalift micro current FACELIFT WITHOUT SURGERY - Dermal Roller SRTMMicro -Needling Therapy Registered clinic Improves wrinkles, increases skin thickness tightening . Cellulite, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, and scars. FuturTec SKIN Regenerator system anti-aging for deep lines, wrinkles andstretchmarks. laser and micro current as a noninvasive alternative to collagen injections. Also for fine lines around the eyes where you cannot get close with other tratments. No Injections or surgery. Neck Lift - Jowls lifted non surgical Hyperhydrosis (Sweating underarms and hands Wrinkle relaxing treatment . Eyes, brows, neck. Wrinkle fillers - wrinkles, folds, Contouring or Fullness of Lips smoker lines around the mouth, chest area hands. Skin Rejuvenation dorsum of both hands: The Genie take 10 – face shaping/lifting Say goodbye to surgery 1000 times stronger than any other machine Helps to eliminate many lines and wrinkles and lifts the jowl area - one client los 4 cm under her chin area. Dermalift– facelift without surgery micro muscle treatment reduced lines, wrinkles toned and lifted Reduced puffiness from around the eyes Hollywood facial. the enzyme lifting facial fine lines, sun damage, aging also exercising facial muscles. fresh elastin and collagen, tightening and firming. Mandelic peel Must use pre-peel cream 2 weeks before treatment. Face, neck, hand treatments, Aged, oily, acne, blemished and pigmented skin Danne peeling treatments: Six layers peels Scarring, lines and wrinkles, heavy cuticle build up, deep congestion under the skin also sun damage Danne scar treatment Patients are customized and diagnosed then prescribed for the treatment that suits the clients type of skin condition and needs with a professional caring confidential attitude.