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Two therapies offered: Bowen Technique and PIDDDS. Bowen Technique is a therapy world renown to help your body overcome pain and poor function. Using mainly fingers and thumbs to connect with the body, and by applying light pressure skin rolling moves it is able to connect with the bodies healing mechanisms. This then allows areas to remove tensions, which then allows for better blood flow to joints and muscles, and better communication through the sensory pathways. The body is then able to focus on remodelling and correcting movement patterns. The possibilities of improving your health are tremendous. Louise has been Qualified in Bowen since 2010. She continues to ensure she is up to date with the latest developments by attending workshops yearly. Louise has trained in Fascia Bowen which has proved very successful in improving the lives of children with cerebral palsy and adults with fibromyalgia and lymphodema. Bowen helps your body to become aligned and helps to remove the stress patterns that have been created in recent and not so recent times. Bowen is not a deep tissue therapy. There is no need to go deep when in injury or stress it is the fascia (the wrapping of your muscles and web-like structure that helps you to keep upright) is the first to become dehydrated and shrink, or become thickened, or weak. Bowen helps the body stop fighting so it can go into repair mode. Let Bowen Therapy help you relax unwind and rejuvenate and improve your long term health. PIDDDS - A quick alignment therapy that will correct leg length, pelvic elevation and rotation, align the spine, and correct TMJ misalignment. Helping remove the cause of the pain and body ailment by gentle movement and counter-pressure. Important ! - that you continue with the exercises taught to you for 6-8 weeks. This therapy helps you stop needing surgery in many instances. It teaches you how to keep yourself aligned and gives you helpful posture reminders to do regularly, ( 6-8 weeks ) until your body is retrained to maintain the new improved posture and alignment.