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Gelencser Diş

Adres: Vorosmarty u. 75., Heviz, H-8380

Telefon: 00 36 30 552 4258

Macaristan - Heviz


Let us introduce ourselves. The name Gelencsér Dental Services has been synonomous with quality professional health care for over 30 years now. Since our foundation we have developed one of Hungary’s biggest, and most high-tech clinics, providing a wide range of services. We offer all kinds of dental treatment in our clinic. In order to meet high quality standards we utilize exclusively the most up-to-date materials and equipment. We consider it just as important to employ the best professionals. Moreover, we put an emphasis on their continuous training through international and national seminars and conferences. Our professional team consists of four dentists, two dental surgeons, a paradenthologue, orthodontist, three adjuncts, one dental hygiene professional, seven technicians and a desk assistant. Our two storey clinic of over 320 square meters is situated in the western part of Hungary, by the Austrian border in the heart of Heviz, which is located 20 km far from the Sarmellek airport. A spacious waiting room and a nice garden will give you a pleasant atmosphere, while waiting, and our kind and helpful desk assistant will do everything for your comfort. Our dental clinic is located over 2 floors. On the ground floor there are four surgery room equipped with the most modern technical facilities including LCD screens. A beautiful garden also belongs to the clinic, where our desk assistant, who is fluent in German and English, takes good care of our patients and their relatives. On the first floor, connected to the treatment rooms, is the dental-technical laboratory. All the materials, systems and equipment used here not only meet today’s standards, but go far beyond. In our technical laboratory we also utilize four types of zircon systems, one of which is probably the most applied zircon based full ceramic system available. We provide four metal ceramic systems: metal ceramic system gold ceramic system galvan ceramic system titan ceramic system The materials and methods we use are equivalent to those applied by western European specialists in Switzerland and Germany. In our laboratory for false teeth and implants we use laser drilling that is scarcely used in domestic or in other European dentists, although prosthesis performed using this technology is more stable and last longer. All kind of diagnostical systems can be found in the clinic. X-ray machines are digital, and the surgery rooms are equipped with Intraoral camera. More than 1000 implantations are done by us every year. These operations are fulfilled by the leading implantation specialist in Hungary, who shares his experiences with the students at the University of Pécs. Besides the usual dental treatments, our clinic is one of the few with the newest and most complete laser surgery technology that provides a germless environment decreasing the risk of infection, and accelerating the process of healing after the surgery. Within the field of dental hygiene we use different systems, like the Vector system, which is the most sophisticated available. By tooth whitening three methods are used. One of the most well known and widely used in the world is the Brite Smile System, which is also one of our wide range of services. Furthermore we use equipment of the best possible quality, including brand names like Kavo, Planmeca, Bego and Dürr. The Gelencsér Dental Clinic possess ISO qualification and also complies with the German TÜV qualification. Another advantage of our services is cost efficiency as the provided high quality is accompanied by solid prices meaning approximately one third of the costs of the same treatment in Britain and Ireland. Whilst all of the above is testament to our high standards, our many satisfied clients could tell you even more about the quality of the clinic and experience of our professionals. Let us be your professional, feel free to come and visit us. Besides medical services the Gelen