Esteworld Güzellik ve Estetik Merkezi, Hastane Arama Motoru

Hairlife International

Adres: Halaskargazi Cd Sadıklar II Apt.No:198 floor 5, ŞİŞLİ AKBANK SIDE, Istanbul

Telefon: (0212) 219 1600

Türkiye - İstanbul


Hair care in the field of aesthetics and within the framework of national and international legal regulations, which serves modern and high-quality methods, maximum customer satisfaction, aiming to meet customers' rapidly changing and evolving expectations of the main objective of full and timely service company that has been accepted. Hair problems and hair placement methods, the industry is always growing, innovative and preferred stance will continue as a brand in demand in the sector. Thanks to our success and quality of experts completed training abroad are proud of being the only company that brings out. To continue on our way without compromising our quality conscious of the need to work harder every day.