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Hanse Klinikum Stralsund GmbH

Adres: Grobe Parower Strasse 47-53 DE- 18435 Stralsund

Telefon: 49 3831 35-0

Almanya - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Welcome to the website of the HELIOS Kliniken Group. Here and in the following pages we would like to introduce you closer to the HELIOS Klinikum Hanse Stralsund. The HELIOS Klinikum Hanse Stralsund is a house special treatment with 16 departments. Approximately 50,000 patients are inpatient and outpatient treatment each year. Overall, the hospital has 841 beds, which are fully and partially stationary, outpatient and used as a day-care places. The hospital is spread over two scenic and architecturally attractive locations. The hospital is home to West on the former site of the IV. Pomeranian hospitals and nursing homes to psychiatric hospitals. In the hospital on Sund somatic compartments are housed.