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Adres: Lot 2.1 2nd Floor Dua Annexe, 211 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, 50400

Telefon: 00 60 3-2161 6111

Malezya - kuala Lumpur


Health Pathway is an International Centre of Excellence in Aesthetic Treatments offering a wide range of services, solutions using advance technologies of rejuvenation and regeneration. Treatments available are: Hair Transplants, Liposuction Procedures, Anti-Aging therapies like laser treatments for skin, and other Aesthetic regenerative treatments (see listing in our profile). We provide the most innovative approach to personal beauty, from the inside and outside. See the reviews. The increasing number of good reviews speak for themselves. Our SMART F.U.E. technique is painless, applying simple local anaesthesia. It has no deep stitches, a little bleeding and does not require dressings after the procedure and has no risk of infection or complications. Healing is extremely quick and almost invisible in the days following the procedure. This allows several procedures without damaging the donor area. At our website, we make it very easy for patients to make enquiries or appointments to get all your answers you are looking for. Our Vision is to lead the way as a total wellness and health care provider in the region upholding high standards and applying the latest advancement in technologies in this field of medicine. Our Mission is to always provide a comprehensive range of the latest and finest techniques in medical treatments for hair restoration, liposuction, advanced facial and body aesthetics, anti-aging, regenerative and total wellness. Constantly updating in the latest cutting edge technologies which we introduce under our SMART techniques. Our services are always customized to suit individual needs based on the findings of our consultations with patients. All done in a comfortable and relaxing environment. All treatments are conducted by our very experienced and highly qualified Board Certified doctors and testified by being awarded the 5 Star Treatment by What Clinic.Com.since 2010. Please view our video of treatments on our satisfied clients.