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Hopital local de Ernee

Adres: Avenue de Paris FR- 53500 Ernée

Telefon: 33 0 02 43 08 31 31

Fransa - Pays de la Loire


The Computer Association Of Local Hospitals has been created in October 2002 in order to combine different hospitals in a common IT project. This cooperation focuses on mastering the developments of the Hospital Information Systems (HIS).The members are engaged in a search for at the end of three years to acquire a truly integrated management system, including the Economic and Financial Management, Human Resources Management and the administrative part of the Patient Record.To carry out all its missions, AIDHL has a computer engineer and a computer, which ensure inter alia: the functional support services installed solutions, the regulatory oversight and operational services; project conducted in areas such as network architecture, analysis of information needs and the changing fashions and communication systems. administration and network management.