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Hopital local Hess

Adres: rue Alphonse Saunier FR- 41370 Marchenoir

Telefon: 33 0 02 54 73 42 20

Fransa - Fransa


This nursing home from the local hospital, located in the heart of the town, is located in a landscaped and tranquil setting. Its building was recently completely renovated, offers mostly single rooms all with en suite shower. A protected unit receives disoriented people, Alzheimer's or related. If living areas have been improved and enhanced comfort, they are nevertheless still quite cold by their color, furniture or basic decor. The hospital aspiring to participate in the care of older people no longer having their autonomy of life, it is highly medicalized and with a full multidisciplinary team. Current activities are varied and tailored to each of degrees of dependence, and the outputs (two hosts and minibus). The kitchen is made on site. The reception is nice and the price is very reasonable.