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Hopital Pitie Salpetriere

Adres: 47-83 Boulevard de l’ Hopital FR- 75013 Paris

Telefon: 33 1 42 16 00 00

Fransa - Ile de France


The origins of the Pitié Salpêtrière date back to the sixteenth century with the creation in 1544 of a large "Bureau of the Poor" to combat begging, scourge of the capital.Despite laudable efforts, the office failed in his mission and the streets of Paris are increasingly invaded by beggars and destitute of all kinds.Marie de Medici decided in 1612 to create a hospice Our Lady of Mercy on the site of a disused tennis court at the time of Henry IV (the site of the mosque of Paris). For containing thousands of Parisian beggars, the Pitié serves only place of distribution of food and accommodation for children, the elderly and women "bad life" arrested by the police.