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HVAR Esthetic Diş Studio

Adres: 24 Kroz Grodu, Hvar, 21450

Telefon: 00 385 21 718 015

Hırvatistan - Hvar


Hvar Esthetic Dental is a new luxury clinic for dental tourism, Located in the center of Hvar, in a house built in the 14th century, We offer our special smile makeover packages. Smile makeover packages include painless and cosmetically treatments only in one day session. We have 1 day smile makeover packages and 7 days smile makeover packages with high luxury accommodation. The Clinic is completely equipped with high tech equipment Kavo dental machines such as: · Kavo primus 158tm · Intraoral camera · Digital rvg rtg · Kavo autoklavb-category for sterilisation We use only the best and the most modern materials. Please contact us for more information we are happy to hear from you.