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Ics Hair Transplant

Adres: Sedat Simavı sokak no 32, Sedat Simavı sokak no 32, İstanbul, istanbul, 34200

Telefon: 0534 888 9916

Türkiye - İstanbul


Dr. Gonen performs world class FUE (follicular unitextraction) and BHT (body hair transplantation - using hair from various partsof the body such as the beard and chest to restore hair to balding areas of thescalp) and have an excellent reputation amongst his patients and peers for hisdedication with outstanding results. He has over 10 years of experience and hasbeen performing advanced FUE hair transplant surgery exclusively at his clinicin Istanbul Bakırköy Turkey. Dr. Gonen tailors his hair transplant procedure personallyto each patient and is very skillful and passionate about creating naturallooking hairlines and providing his patients with the very best results. Dr.Gonen and his technique are very popular and sees patients from all over theworld, especially from U.K., Belgium, Norway, Sweden and France. Dr. Gonen alsooperates on only one or two patient daily depending on the size of the session. Dr. Gonen has theskill, experience and staff to transplant over 3000 follicular units in asingle day and dense pack up to 60 FU/cm2 (follicular units per squarecentimeter) when appropriate for the patient. Dr. Gonen uses an extraction tool called micro-motor withpunches ranging from 0.7mm to 0.8mm in order minimize scarring to the donor areawhile harvesting follicular units. In his hands, transection rates and damageto follicular units during extraction and placement are typically minimal. Dr. Gonen uses a manual punch crafted ranging from 0.6mm to0.9mm in size when appropriate for the patient. This enables him to reducescarring and trauma. All follicular units are implanted within 5 hours afterextraction in order to minimize desiccation and death of the follicles. Withhis technique Dr. Gonen can produceoptimal growth yield of approximately 85% to 95%. Dr. Gonen graduated from Istanbul University CerrahpaşaMedical Faculty in 2002, and completed his compulsory medical service in ŞişliEtfal Training and Research Hospital of the Turkish Ministery of Health in 2008.In 2010, He opened is own clinic Missplast - Istanbul Cosmetic Surgery Clinicsin Istanbul Bakırköy Turkey. Dr. Gonen is a member of the International Society of Aestheticand Plastic Surgery, the Turkish Medical Association, the Turkish Aesthetic andPlastic Surgery Association.