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Adres: 74 Ethnikis Andistasis, Votsi, Thessaloniki, GREECE, 55133

Telefon: 00 30 21 1198 2977 ext: 23022

Yunanistan - Selanik


Dr. Iordanis Poulas M.D., Phd., FEBOphth, an expert surgeon ophthalmologist treats patients at his clinic (iLASER ) in Thessaloniki in Greece. The doctor specializes in laser, cataract, cornea and glaucoma surgery. Procedures performed at the clinic include: Myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism correction with laser(LASIK, PRK) Intra Corneal Rings (ICI), pain free Cross Linking and Phakic IOLs for the management of Keratoconus. Clear Lens Extraction (CLE) or Phakic Lens implantations for the correction of high myopias and hypermetropias. Monovision eye laser surgery or Multifocal Lens Implantation for the correction of PRESBYOPIA(near vision). Cornea transplantations. Glaucoma surgery (filtration or valve implantation).