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Implant Merkezi Martinko

Adres: HRUSEVECKA 7, Zagreb, 10000

Telefon: 00 385 99 702 5777

Hırvatistan - Zagreb


Welcome to the website of Implant Centre Martinko. The Implant Centre Martinko, situated in Zagreb, capitol of beautiful Croatia, is providing you with the special way of dental tourism. We are a team of 20 European trained experts with more than 10 years experience in bringing smile back to you. Our team is combining the state of the art dental work with possibility of extraordinary vacation at worldwide known Adriatic coast and islands. The ICM with its partners and practices in Split and Opatija has managed to organize everything from your arrival and accommodation in Croatia to your personal dental healthcare at most affordable prices. The Implant Centre Martinko is a team of more than fifteen highly trained and educated people. The main clinic is situated in Zagreb, capitol of Croatia, where all of the appointments are being made and where most of the dental treatment is performed. Our laboratory with eleven people is very near by, which makes it easier to cooperate with dental tehnicians for extraordinary aesthetics and function. In allied cooperation with our partners in Split and Opatija, with their highly equipped dental surgeries and teams of their own, the ICM can organize a dental treatment at the coast anywhere near the beautiful town of Opatija or in the heart of Dalmatia, Split. So it is possible, according to your wishes and needs, to combine the dental treatment and the beautiful vacation to your utter satisfaction.