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Telefon: 444 1 081

Türkiye - Aydın


INTERNATIONAL SOKE HOSPITAL opened the doors as the first private hospital and also as the first health organisation to offer in-patient treatment in S�ke. We offer services in all branches with specialist doctors as: General Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics and Travmatology, Paediactrics, Urology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Dental Care, Ophtalmology, Breast Augmentation and Reduction. These branches are all supported by Radiology department and Microbiology and Biochemistry Laboratories, all equipped with the latest technology. Working on the principle '' Human Life Comes First '' , our hospital offers a quality service to a better health. International S�ke Hospital's primary aim is to provide a solution to all health problems encountered by the holiday-makers and residents of Didim, Kusadasi, G�zel�amli and Davutlar both local and foreign, as well as medical tourism. By using all the advantages of modern medicine, our hospital aims to be the most reliable health organisation in S�ke. Our aim is to ensure that all patients are given fast and efficient healthcare in a comfortable, caring environment with international standards. Patients and families who come to Turkey, as well as receiving health services, benefit from the full historical, tourism potential and Spa / Thermal Centres of the region.