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Klilnik Maingau vom Roten Kreuz

Adres: Scheffelstraße 2-14 DE- 60318 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: 49 69 4033-0

Almanya - Hessen


The Maingau Hospital of the Red Cross is a general hospital with 138 beds and is centrally located in the heart of Frankfurt am Main. Born from the civic engagement, the Maingau Hospital is the Red Cross under the auspices of the Frankfurt Red Cross sororities. Therefore, the professional and human patient care applicable in the clinic Maingau special attention. It is the special connection between humanity and professionalism, which determines the medical and nursing care in the clinic Maingau of the Red Cross. The clinic as a free-profit organization and as an active part of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is particularly committed to the humanitarian thoughts. In the priority document clinic, the clinic Maingau of the Red Cross has the advantage that the patients are treated and accompanied by well-known patient practices both outpatient and inpatient. After a stay in hospital outpatient treatment can be continued seamlessly with the same doctor