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Laser & Aesthetic Medikal Klinik "AVANTA"

Adres: 15 Hr. Qochar, 14 Mashtoc, Yerevan, Armenia, 0012

Telefon: 00 374 10 262299

Ermenistan - Ermenistan


Laser & Aesthetic Medical Clinic "AVANTA" Clinics of aestheticcosmetology and implantology of the Medical centre "AVANTA"approach to the patient’s problem in a complex that promotes effective andobvious result. The newest laser equipment of cosmetology offices, a widechoice of medical preparations for injections and for outline plasty, varietyof medical cosmetic lines for face and body skin, technological equipment andapplication of advanced and innovative techniques in stomatology, and alsohighly qualified experts of our centers – all this allows to pick up individualmeans and techniques of treatment for achieving the best results by creating aperfect image. Our experts are sure that it is never soon or late to improve your look.Therefore we are glad to introduce you the widest spectrum of services forbeauty and health, including a whole arsenal of modern cosmetology andstomatology. Laser cosmetology In “AVANTA” Clinic for each laser cosmetology procedure is used the most suitablekind of laser that allows to reach the best results. - Skin laser rejuvenation - Laser epilation - Laser polishing (removal of hems, wrinkles, pigmentary stains) - Laser removal of benign neoformations, such as papillomas, keratoma,birthmarks, warts, etc. - Acne treatment, etc. - Laser removal of tattoos - Laser removal ofvessels Instrumental cosmetology With the help of instrumental cosmetology it is possible to activate localblood circulation, to stimulate muscular activity, to promote disposal of locallipopexia and cellulitis, formation of desired contours of face and body. - Ultrasonic therapy - Vacuum massage - Lymphatic drainage - Miostimulation - Electroepilation Esthetic surgery - Removal of skin benign neoformations - Papillomas - Keratoma - Warts - Birthmarks - Scarring - Atheromas - Xanthoma Dermatological department - Treatment of skin diseases such as: - Acne - Dermatitis - Demodicidosis - Carbuncle - Contagious molluscum - Vitriol - Lichen - Dermatomycosis - Rosacea - Seborrhea - Streptococcal impetigo - Furunculosis - Itch - Sharp eczema - Dysbacteriosis - Herpes - Vitiligo - Melasma - Alopecia - Cellulitis etc. Therapeutic procedures - Professional skin care, application of the most effective modern safetechniques of rejuvenation will allow you to forget about your age for manyyears. - Mechanical peeling - Viofitopeeling - All kinds of chemical peelings - Superficial (within an epidermis horn layer) - Median (to basal membranes) - Deep (to the papillary of derm layer) - Mesopeeling - Professional dermatological and home care of your skin Spa procedures - Infra-red sauna - All kinds of wrappings - Relaxing chocolate massage - Aromatherapy - Marrakech hammam - Stonetherapy - Body peeling - Solarium Injection cosmetology procedures Injection techniques influence the skin strongly than therapeutic which allowsreaching considerable effect in a short space of time. Some techniques, forexample, an outline plasty, cardinally change your look. - Mesotherapy - Mezodissolution - Biorevitalization - Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy /PRP/ - Treatment for lines and wrinkles, [Treatment name removed], [Treatment name removed], hyperhidrosis, correction of facial wrinkles - Face contour, modeling the shape and volume of lips