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Medicadent Oral ve Diş Medikal PoliKlinik

Adres: Muhurdar Cad. No:69 Kadikoy, Istanbul

Telefon: (0216) 414 9988

Türkiye - İstanbul


* All procedures in dentistry including aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry and laser assisted dentistry are applied by the dental specialists with the latest technologies. * With 12 years of experience, we are applying implants. The implant system that is used in our clinic is accepted as one of the best implant systems in the world. The implants that we are using are under the warranty of 10 years. * We are giving laser assisted dentistry with the most powerful and the best laser technology in the world. * We are also the Turkish partner of Aachen Institution of Laser in Dentistry. * In our clinic the laser technology is used in all treatments that can be supported by laser as well as bleaching and facial esthetic applications. * Our clinic has its own dental laboratory. So we obtain the best results with the coordination between the patients, the dentists and the technicians. * We also give panoramic and digital radiography services. * 5 years of warranty is given for all prosthetics. * Our clinic is evaluated as a part of the European Union as we are certificated with EN ISO 9001:2000. * We offer the highest quality which can be obtained in European countries with the most reasonable costs. * Our clinic is located in the Asian side of Istanbul. It is possible to reach us easily from every point in Istanbul. You can have a beautiful smile and have a chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We are ready to assist you at any time during your stay in Turkey. Hotel booking and transfer from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport are done by us depending on your choice. Also we can help you while you’re discovering Istanbul.