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Aesthetic dentistry - Cosmetic dentistry - Children's dentistry - Dental prostheses - Treatment of pulp canals - Parodontology -Laser- Bleaching of teeth - Psychological preparation and aromatherapy - Emergency treatment at night and at holidays Laboratory manager: Ivan Paliiski Restorative dentistry - Prostheses (full or partial, 4 visits) - Prostheses upon implants - Metal ceramic structures "Ceramco - 3" - Bridges - Inlays and onlays made of ceramics or gold Our practice offers perfect materials, instruments and equipment. Professional services. Certified program. Megadent offers to your attention an opportunity for long-term high-quality dental treatment and prophylaxis /for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months/ for you and your employees, and also their families, at a convenient time. For the purposes of adequate treatment, a thorough prophylactic examination can be done at your wish to determine your individual dental status. It will be regularly checked by the dentist after the end of the treatment. We provide the full range of dental prophylaxis and treatment by highly qualified and experienced dentists using modern materials and methods. That guarantees the curing even of especially difficult cases. The legal basis for such contracts are Art. 36 and Art. 48 of the Corporative Tax Act, which does not contradict the Compulsory Health Insurance Act. If you are interested, we can offer you several variants of the contract as follows: 1. Subscription service – prophylaxis, emergency cases, basic range of treatment - a fixed contracted sum for the treatment of each employee according to the contracted range of treatment. 2. Prophylaxis and treatment for the term of the contract - payment at the beginning and the end of the period with invoices provided by the dentist and signed by the employees. 3. Contracted partial payment of the dental treatment by the employee /a percentage/. The remaining part is paid to the dentist, who provides invoices, by the end of the term of the contract. The long-term group contracts for unmediated providing of dental treatment are based on the European experience in the field of voluntary health insurance and offer a chance for a serious reduction in everybody's individual expenses for preserving their health and working capacity.