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Mineralysis serve general public, health professions, hotels, clinics and hospitals since 1999 via its highly accurate and reliable hair, urine and blood test for screening of heavy metal poisoning, mineral imbalance, drug abuse and food allergy. We provide nutritional advice based on Western and Chinese Medicine Nutrition. We specialize in infertility, pregnancy preparation, learning problems in children, cancer recovery and prevention, heavy metal poisoning, skin problems and detoxification. Hair mineral test screens for any toxic metal exposure and mineral imbalance due to consumption of contaminated foods or pollutions. Couples with fertility problems or women who plan to pregnant are particularly benefit from this test because the results can guide what foods are beneficial or harmful to them. Hair drug test screens for 6 commonly abused drugs that had been used over the past 6 months to years, which allow parents, schools and bosses to create and maintain a drug free environment. A routine sudden or random hair drug test will be an effective way to deter your children or staff against drug abuse. We also provide food allergy blood test to screen for 96 food allergens from Asian, Western or Vegetarian diet. Urine environmental pollutant test to screen for 7 toxic chemicals exposure from household products, cosmetic products, toys, drug capsules or foods.