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Next Door Spa

Adres: 21 saddlers crescent, Mulhuddart, Blanchardstown, Dublin, 15

Telefon: 00 353 1 901 0176 ext: 89584

İrlanda - Dublin


Next Door Spa - aesthetic medicine skin care center, offering a wide range of professional and therapeutic treatments service. Spa provide clients satisfaction by presenting the highest quality, luxury products & modern equipment to quarantee relax, rejuvenation of your body and your soul.. We welcome both, ladies and gentlemen to book the appointment; visit includes consultation, diagnosis and treatments. We will advise you choose the most effective treatment methods- according to the needs of yours. Treatments that will eliminate the problems, improve the condition of the skin and let you enjoy the beauty and slim silhouette. Trying to meet the expectations of demanding, we provide flexible hours and the ability to travel to customer site. Check out our SERVICE methods on for more informations and promotional prices. Keep up with news, new price packages, promotions and competitions on our facebook page for great treatment deal!Prices on Request Our specialization Mesotherapy Treatment created to rejuvenate, to nourish and to aid collagen & elastin production and to help stimulate your metabolism mechanism by delivering activ meso-ampoules with minerals directly into the skin in areas like face, neck, decollete, hands and lower body parts like belly, buttocks. Mesotherapy can be used as a supplement, or an alternative, to many rejuvenating, anti-aging regimens, including botox, laser resurfacing, peels, antioxidants, facelifts treatments. Effective as other non-ablative treatments such as IPL, fraxel, CO2 Laser. Great solution for stretch marks and Cellulite problems, can be used to tone and tighten sagging skin on the neck, legs, abdomen, arms and hands. There are three kinds of mesotherapy. No-needle mesotherapy is an innovative technology, where the injection has been replaced by an electric pulse. During this procedure, the nutrients are "crammed" into the skin due to electroporation phenomenon (active substances penetrate the cell interior by means of micro-pores in the cell membrane). Mesotherapy is based on two main factors: electrophoresis impulse current and very rejuvenating nutritional products.No-needle mesotherapy treatment increases the skin ability to absorb these substances by six times. It is painless and involves no risk of infection or bleeding, which makes it ideal for prolonged use.Effects of mesotherapy treatment persist for several days. A series of approximately 6 treatments every week or 2 weeks is recommended for skin problems like.. sslack skin, cellulite, wrinkles, dry skin, poorly blood-supplied and hypoxic skin. Contraindications: allergy and hypersensitivity to galvanic current, cancer, pregnancy, fever, skin infections within the treatment area, skin diseases, epilepsy, recent tooth extraction, periodontal purulent conditions, tonsillitis, acne rosacea, acne vulgaris in the active phase, wounds, fresh tan. Micro-needling Mesotherapy via DermaRoller or Micro-Injections is a safe and natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures. The Mesolift process delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Roller or Injections (injections of hyaluronic acid) uses very fine needles to micro-injure the middle layer of the skin (approx 4mm) sufficiently to stimulate collagen & elastin production with minimal damage to the epidermis, and can work on directly into the area concerned. The goal is to replace the hyaluronic acid that is lost as we age. Micro-channels guarantee 300% more direct delivery of specifics to the active skin layers for maximum results then others methods. After treatment, patients commonly describe their skin as looking rested, radiant, glowing, tightening and firmer.