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Adres: Ilica 283, Zagreb Hrvatska, Croatia, 10000

Telefon: 00 385 1 3703 498

Hırvatistan - Zagreb


ORTOIMPLANT – THE SMILE FACTORY • The company Ortoimplant was founded in 2006, while coordination of activities began in 1993 • A dental surgery and independent dental laboratory operate as part of the company Ortoimplant • The company is a functional certified Centre for quality implantology • The manager and owner is Dr. Zdenko Trampuš, functional implantologist • Ortoimplant is one of the leading locations in Zagreb when speaking of functional dentistry • The company gathers together a renowned team of dentists (educated in the USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, with a multitude of certificates, degrees and acknowledgements) who have at their disposal everything from aesthetic procedures, complete reconstructions, functional therapy, implantology and surgical procedures to orthodontics. • The company offers an integrated treatment concept – due to the integral aesthetic-functional concept, patients can have perfect teeth in a very short period of time • Know-how at the highest possible level in line with the latest scientific discoveries: monitoring trends and using the most state of the art treatment technology • Ten year international experience (treatment of ambassadors in Croatia, a large number of international guests, contacts with international professional associations) DENTAL SPA ORTOIMPLANT represents a unique treatment concept in Croatia which will completely change the whole dental experience! This Zagreb healthcare institution offers the best complete dental service in one place. In Ortoimplant, the dentist is not a person to be avoided, rather a partner in the creation of a quality life. A visit here must be a pleasant experience. With this idea in mind, the team has created a unique approach to integral care and treatment for teeth. It is no longer necessary to go from one specialist to another, it is no longer necessary to listen to a multitude of expert opinions and suffer pain. Everything is located in the DENTAL SPA package in the smile factory, a virtual world where dreams of a healthy and beautiful smile becomes a reality. This is a completely new dimension of dentistry which is no longer just primary healthcare. Stressed patients, busy managers who live a fast tempo of life, with this integrated aesthetic-functional they too can have perfect teeth in no time at all. Only the perfect intertwining of various expert fields in Ortoimplant enable “tailoring” of teeth so that they fit like a well tailored suit.