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Royal Medikal

Adres: Oldrichova 52

Telefon: 420 234 090 049

Çek Cumhuriyeti - Prag


Royal Medical provides top-class medical tourism guidance with a strong emphasis on our clients' safety and comfort. We know the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct in our services. We believe our success depends on our ability to listen and respond appropriately to the people we serve, and to remain aware of ever-changing issues and ideas. Royal Medical strives to find high-quality, low-cost medical care in the Czech republic at a cost 40-80% lower and at a rate of 3-4 times faster than in the other countries.Royal Medical cares about your health hence, we always prefer non-invasive surgery (the body is not invaded or cut open as during surgical investigations or therapeutic surgery) and as safe manner and form of procedures as possible. This approach makes hospitalization shorter, less painful and more comfortable. The risk for subsidiary complications decreases.Royal Medical is committed to continual learning and self-assessment in order to live up to our greatest potential. We recognize and honor the fundamental values and dignity of all individuals. We pledge our-selves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects all people regardless of age, sex, race, or nationality.Royal Medical has years of experience with medical tourism, we are also experts at organizing recovery staying and sightseeing activities. Your treatment will mostly take place in the very cultural capital of Europe - Prague. We prepare Client´s recovery program with the desire to succeed for any client.Royal Medical really cares about building client loyalty. We employ individuals who can respond quickly and personally to our patients' requests, whether it is for product information, a transaction history, or changes to a health vacations order. With information about a customer at their fingertips, our employees can put their experience to work. And satisfied loyal customers become what a company really wants.