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Sapium Medicare

Adres: 339 Hodgson Court, Nightingale Avenue, London, HA1 3GX

Telefon: 00 44 20 3322 9884 ext: 79236

Birleşik Krallık - Londra


Waiting too long for NHS? We have a solution. Best treatment at a FRACTION of UK COST. Telemedicine & Medical Tourism for you Sapium Medicare specializes in providing best quality treatment at a fraction of UK. price. Working with more than 200 hospitals in the whole of India gives us the opportunity to access experts from multiple disciplines, be it fertility, cardiology or orthopaedics. As we take care of every aspect of your trip, you may relax and focus only on your health. We understand that making a decision of going abroad for treatment might be difficult one, that’s why we offer full packages covering every aspect of your trip, leaving you with no worries, focused only on your health. We take care of everything – finding and booking the procedure, accommodation, transport, a place for recovery. We even organize your own English speaking personal assistant on the spot, available at any time to help or advise. Our London office is here to assist you 24/7, answering all the questions and helping to find the best solutions. A place where you can discuss your concerns, ask questions and voice any problems. You can always contact us at our website or simply by calling India has recently become the center of world’s medical tourism. The reason behind it is quite simple: excellent amount of world class specialists providing international standards healthcare is working there,treating patients without extended waiting period and giving them personalized attention, so needed in the time of sickness. Moreover all medical staff in India is required to speak English fluently. Lack of language barrier creates comfortable confidential situation, just like with your doctor in UK. Furthermore, medical tourism offers a chance to recover in peace and serenity of amazing Indian locations, while discovering the touristic scenery of India. Being pampered for a whole day at SPA, receiving relaxing massages or going for a walk in the beautiful countryside or always buzzing metropoly – anything that will get you back on your feet is available as a part of recuperation process.