Esteworld Güzellik ve Estetik Merkezi, Hastane Arama Motoru

Strveklinik Boltenhagen

Adres: Ostseeallee 103 DE- 23946 Boltenhagen

Telefon: 49 38825 47-0

Almanya - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


For a successful improvement of the health status requires more than a specialized medical or psychotherapeutic treatment during rehabilitation. You need a partner who helps and motivates the cheers and encourages - and sometimes takes away the fear. A partner who answers important questions and respects you as a person.We want to be for you this partner. In addition to all professional qualities, it is the humanity and dedication of our employees that contribute significantly to your recovery.On these pages we want to give you a first impression of our house. If you want more information or have questions, we are at your disposal. Just take contact with us.We would be very glad if you can contact your way back into everyday life we ​​accompany a piece.