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Superior A.R.T. - Hanoi

Adres: 36E Tran Vu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Telefon: 00 84 90 488 04 00

Vietnam - ha Noi


Superior A.R.T. is a joint venture of some leading Thai Infertility specialists and Genea, an Australian provider of premier infertility and PGD services. Superior A.R.T. is therefore one of the leading infertility and genetic diagnosis centres in Asia. The centre gives infertile patients several fertility options with a personalized approach. Superior A.R.T. offers diagnostic assessment and early intervention, using the most advanced IVF, Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), vitrification procedures. Superior A.R.T. also offers high-technology Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) procedures to detect genetic disorders and chromosomal imbalances. First opened in March 2007, Superior A.R.T.’s reputation as one of the best providers of PGD-PCR services in Asia has arisen from both its impressive success rate in achieving PGD pregnancies and its commitment to providing the best service and latest technology to patients. Superior A.R.T. is understandably proud at achieving world-class success rates in such a relatively short time. At Superior A.R.T. we provide superior facilities and techniques. Our laboratory technologies are the most modern in the world. Many recent innovations that have dramatically improved pregnancy rates, both in Australia and overseas, were developed by Genea, our parent laboratory. CGH Technology the most advance in the IVF CGH is a method that can detect imbalances of all chromosomes in the early embryo. CGH: Helps us to understand the genetics of the embryo and improve aneuploidy detection by considering all 24 chromosomes, including the sex chromosomes X Y It provides new opportunities for patients who may have experienced unsuccessful IVF attempts, miscarriage, or have a previous history of chromosome problems (eg,. translocations) It allows sex-selection for those patients where it is medically indicated We encourage you to tour our facilities and meet the scientists, nurses and other staff involved to help you gain an insight into the science behind the scenes and to give you a sense of how we will look after you during the various stages of your treatment cycle. Room Type & Facilities: - Reception & Lobby - Treatment and counseling rooms - The Operating Theater - The Recovery Room