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Cerrahi in Greece - Diş Klinik

Adres: 17 Kerasountos Street, Athens, 11528

Telefon: 00 30 21 1198 2977 ext: 33379

Yunanistan - Atina


For generations, from Mona Lisa to the "cover girl", the absence, or presence, of a smile has carried great significance. Throughout history, the quality of a smile has been an indication of an individual's sense of well-being. And today, a healthy, attractive smile continues to be an important facet of life, with an impact on health, self-esteem, and relationships–both personal and professional. Today, there are techniques and advanced materials that can make a real difference in your smile, and there are dental professionals like us who bring skill, experience, expertise and commitment to help enhance your smile. We use the highest quality materials and technical support to achieve the best possible result. Offering the most state-of-the-art dental care with the highest level of personalized service, we are proud to be raising the standard for uncompromised excellence in aesthetic dentistry. We have extensive experience in the expanding field of cosmetic dentistry; we use both science and artistry to help individuals create the smile they most desire. We are up-to-date on the latest techniques and we are the best resource for someone who is seeking a professional to redesign their smile. In our office D.D.S stands for “Dental Day Spa” When you consult with us, the first step isn't techniques – it's talking. We will sit down and talk with you about how you feel about your smile, what changes you'd like to consider, and what you'd like the outcome to be. We will review the whole range of treatment options available to you. These options include details on the scope and length of treatment, costs and other information. Also, you'll have a chance to look at "before and after" photographs to see the many ways your smile may be improved. Once you have decided on the desire "outcome' – how you'd like to have your smile changed – we will develop a specific treatment plan.Using our advanced training and expertise, we will coordinate your treatment; including involving additional professionals as needed to make sure you achieve the smile you most desire. What makes us unique? Personalised and private service with the utmost discretion, Native English spoken free, no-obligations online consultation and quote unlimited consultations. No marketing consultants you speak directly with your doctor, 24/7 support Selection of 3 to 5 star Hotels and Spas to suit your needs and desires. Special discounted Hotel rates from our associated range of Hotels Private chauffeur to and from the airport, and all your consultations and hospital and clinic visits.Our dental clinic is situated at 17 Kerasountos Street, at the corner of Kerasountos Str and Michalakopoulou Ave. It is strategically located in the center of Athens.It is 3 minutes walk from the US Embassy and 7 minutes walk from the British Embassy. The nearest Metro station is "Megaron Mousikis" which is 5 minutes walk away. The clinic is literally a minute away from one of our recommended 5-star hotels.We offer special rates in a selection of 4 to 5 star Hotels and Spas in Athens to cater your needs and your wallet.The hotels are conveniently situated in the centre of Athens, just minutes walk from major metro stations, and within a ten minute radius from the clinics. For the more demanding individuals we can offer luxurious accommodation in Europe's best Spa-H