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Tanfer Oral ve Diş Medikal Klinik

Adres: Rumeli Str. Ogan Building No:16 Floor:3-4-5 NISANTASI, Istanbul, 34365

Telefon: (0212) 241 4463

Türkiye - İstanbul


Turkey, a country hosting millions of tourists each year, recently has begun to be reason of preference in tourism through the technologically equipped health facilities and the medical surgeries carried out by the doctors worldwide known too. The main reasons of this progress is that the doctors all agree that the doctors are successful in their fields and the technological progress and treatment costs of the health facilities of Turkey are desirable at a rate of ½ compared to the similar countries. Taking these advantages into consideration, our clinic offers our foreign patients the opportunity both to have a vacation in Istanbul with its historic fabric and to receive treatment. Our clinic was established by dental and maxillofacial surgery specialist Dr. Nihat Tanfer, who is one of the doctors who carried out the first implant surgery and who took the lead in several treatments such as this and adopted the concept of hygiene and quality in the world standards. The certificates of quality and standards that are received form BVQI are the most precise evidence of these. After we receive their panoramic roentgen via e-mail or through cargo to the patients who want to come to our clinic, our specialists reply with the treatment plan suggestion. The treatment plan contains the average treatment time and treatment costs, but in the event of request, flight tickets, airport transfers and hotel reservations are provided through contractual tourism agencies with the warranty of reasonable price. OSTEOREGENERATION Jaw bone consists of a reduction in thickness and length due to tooth losses causes such as jawbone loss or bacterial infections, accident.In this case, an artificial tooth roots which are made of titanium is placed on the jaw bone with applying implant treatment to the patient to replace losing teeth. However, the lost bone tissue regeneration is required for applying of the implant. For this purpose, animal bones is made available for human bone tissue with special techniques in the laboratory. Because, morphological structure of animal bone is very similar with human bone structure. The grafts are filled into the bone cavities which are blended collagen with a regenerating and healing properties. After this operation, there is a waiting period for 6 months. The new bone formation is provided while the grafts are melting on the located place during this period.The new bone seems is formed on the lack of the lost bone area when the X-rays has taken after 6 months of the operation. Now its ready for apply implant In our clinic, Box Technique and Shell Technique are applied for lost bone areas in order to be ready to implant. Tanfer Clinic is one of the clinic in the world which is using Polylactic acid plaque and Sonic Weld system for applied implant. In addition, PRF method is using in our clinic which is applying with a serum for lost bone regeneration is taking with patient’s own blood for reaching reliable results and recovery in a short time.