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Thessaloniki Odontiatroi

Adres: Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece

Telefon: 00 30 21 1198 2977 ext: 63293

Yunanistan - Selanik


For over 50 years, dental treatments provided by THESSALONIKI ODONTIATROI, have brought naturally beautiful, confident smiles to myriad of patients that had choosen the state of the art general and prosthetic dental works. THESSALONIKI ODONTIATROI services and materials are not made in China and they are all tested from a Swiss independent laboratory.They have quality standards CE, ISO 9001-2000 and the traceability of every prosthetic case according to EU norms. Our dentists regularly participates in courses to improve his craft utilizing modern techniques and materials. He strives to bring a sense of comfort and calm to his patients. With a strong family oriented practice, and a calming themed office, patients leave their fears at the door. His ability to render comprehensive care, while being especially sensitive to the needs of phobic patients, sets him apart from his colleagues. The last 20 years, oral implants over other dental procedures was an ultimate success, because the result is a natural appearance which is permanent. There are many benefits of implant treatment including appearance, the enhanced ability to chew and enjoy food, and usually protection of the remaining teeth and jaw bone. Treatment plans management with Mind Mapping "Mind Mapping" is a system widely used in IT project management. This system allows treatment plans management through several doctors' observation, analysis and completion, each doctor having different specialities, in the end allowing the best solutions for the patient.