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Tucker Medikal

Adres: 8 Sinaran Drive, Suite 04-03, Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore, 307470+E763

Telefon: 00 65 6659 6918

Singapur - Shenton Way


Tucker Medical is a private healthcare clinic in Singapore dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic disease. Located at Novena Specialist Center Singapore, Tucker Medical is in the "hub" of medical tourism and medical travel. Patients come from across the world, as well as across Singapore, for expertise and a progressive approach to quality care. General Medicine General Medicine Consultations and Treatments for Adults and Adolescents Nutritional Consultations Fitness Programs Corporate Wellness Urgent Care Oncology Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment Initial Consultations and Second Opinions Genomic Testing & Therapy Integrated Support Services Clinical Research in Breast and Prostate Cancers Tucker Medical accepts most global and local insurance plans and can provide prescriptions for both Singapore and the USA.