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Turk Hair Trans - Istanbul

Adres: Nish İstanbul Residence, 14.Kat D Blok No:163, Bahçelievler, Istanbul

Telefon: (0212) 212 0915

Türkiye - İstanbul


Throughout the history of mankind hair has been the symbol of beauty, vividness and statue. Hair has an important place in our social life. This is because hair is one of the features that stand out foremost in a person. Hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), after a certain point, exceeds being just an esthetic problem and can cause serious psychological problems. At our Turk Hair Trans Hair Implant Center, the only solution to hair loss which is the hair implant, is being done by a Plastic Surgery Specialist and his experienced team. Turk Hair Trans Hair Implant Center, has been established in year 1994 with an aim to become one of the worldwide known hair implantation Centers. We are one of the few centers in the world who first applied the latest technologies. Turk Hair Trans has been offering the best service to both its local and international patients for 16 years with a concept of customer satisfaction focused speedy service and its high standards by continuously renewing itself in medical, technical, technological, psychological and aesthetic fields. Our Quality Strategy With “Patient Happiness” “Patient Psychology” “Patient Safety” “Sterilization” “High Technoloy” “Importance we give to the latest applications in medicine on Hair Implant” , our principle is full patient satisfaction and it is the most important stepping stone of our understanding of quality. Health service in accordance with the rights of patients and patient relatives are offered. During our services team work is strengthened with a multidisciplinary understanding, conducting the treatment by reaching a mutual decision and taking into account patient’s point of views. Hair implant quality and naturalness are ensured by giving importance to the patient’s full medical records, demands and requests. By activating the communication between the health professionals and the patients and their relatives, cooperation of patient and patient relatives is ensured. Much more information about the processes that will be conducted is given to the patient and patient relatives. By informing the patient on the method to be applied, the patient’s cohesiveness to therapy is increased. Thus, the success of the therapy increases. Patient confidentiality is protected at the highest level. Continuous improvement of the system is ensured with patient and employee feedbacks and our quality standard increases by each day. In appropriate physical conditions, with the latest technology resources and highest level of sterilization precautions, health service within the country and outside of the country is offered with honest pricing policy; working environment opportunity in international standards is created. Our VisionTo be Turkey’s and the World’s most reliable and most preferred Hair and Esthetic Surgery clinic based on our experience of nearly 16 years, uncompromising ethical approach, pioneering clinical approaches. Our MissionOur mission is to offer our therapy methods which are the latest technology in the medical field with no pain and with a happy ending together with our professional medical team as a guide to the demands of our valued guests who come to us for hair implant, to increase your life quality. Our Aim As the Turk Hair Trans team; besides ensuring natural, healthy and dense hair to you, we aim to make sure Turk Hair Trans will be a reliable and followed clinic within the aesthetic field, to create a long lasting and warm relationship between you, our valued guests and our brand, based on reference.